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Hi there,

I’m Jacques, and I was born and raised in Bloemfontein, right in the centre of South Africa. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated by pictures. It didn’t matter what kind—drawings, photos, sketches, doodles, paintings—I loved them all. My inability to master the simple pencil caused my inner creativity to be expressed in the only way that it could be—with the purchase of a point-and-shoot camera. I shot absolutely everything, but only after seeing my own engagement photographs did I realise that the capturing moments between people is what it’s all about.


The keyword above is ENGAGEMENT. It was the greatest single thing that ever happened to me—I had fallen in love and married the most beautiful girl in the world! She remains my biggest fan, as well as a willing model and muse. I felt an obligation to repay her kindness, and began taking her on all my shoots as lead photographer (read: chief carrier of gear). She’s an accountant, so she needs some fresh air now and then. It’s also a way for her to get in touch with her creative side—we all know where ‘creative accountants’ end up when they lack creative outlets!


Photography is an amazing profession to be in if you have a passion not only for capturing moments, but also for the people that create those moments. Take a look at our work, and book us to ensure that all of your memorable occasions are captured by top quality people doing top quality work.